Wednesday, June 3, 2009

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Hello and welcome to the first full posting for Lively Elements.

It's a cool June here in Colorado and a good time to put in new plants so they have a chance to get established to their new environment before the hot, dry summer rolls in.
Make sure your soil has had a day to dry out a bit from all the rain. Adding compost or new amendments when the soil is too wet can make it clumpy and hard to till correctly.

Remember gardens grow so don't feel like you have to fill your entire garden now with flowering plants, unless you are only planting annuals, one life cycle plants. A perennial garden that returns each year can be easily added to...planting in spring and fall. Then next year if you see or read about a plant that would do well in your yard, you can add it if you have room.

My own personal rock garden is a work in progress. It receives full sun and is south facing, so the plants I choose to use there have to be very hardy and drought tolerant. Each year I find a few new plants to fill in next to the survivors. I also mulch around the plants and move the rocks and pebbles away so that the extra heat they produce does not fry the tips of the plant leaves.

Check out the Colorado Master Gardener website for helpful links on gardening.

Happy planting!

Heather @ Lively Elements, LLC