Friday, July 15, 2011

Mobile Living Walls

Photos by PlantsOnWalls

Looking for a living wall that does not have to be permanently attached to your wall or hooked up to the buildings water lines? Then consider a free-standing or movable living wall that has it's own recirculating pump and watering system.

The FloraFrame Recirc by PlantsOnWalls is a flexible way to have plants on a vertical surface in your space to create a green environment. It can provide attention for store fronts, privacy between office spaces and seating areas, or simply add a living, green, attractive element to your space.

Lively Elements provides professional consultations that will determine the best plant design and lighting needs for your living wall. Then we work with a local and experienced plant technician company who installs and cares for the living wall. Seasonal looks for the living wall can be designed for outdoors with annual plants and herbs. Indoor walls can have perennials as well as plant designs for the season that can be rotated out.

The free-standing living walls can be installed back to back for a double sided wall of plants. The smaller living wall can be hung as a living art piece.

Photos by PlantsOnWalls

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